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If you or a loved one are arrrested in Miami Dade County, the jail that the prisoner will be taken to will be the Miami Dade County Jail or TGK Jail. The Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center is commonly called the TGK Jail and is located at 7100 NW 41st Steet, Miami, FL 33166. In Miami a detained person has the option of posting a Miami Bail Bond at the Dade County Jail or at the TGK Jail, both Bail Bonds can be posted through Magic City Baill Bonds , located in Miami, Florida or our other location TGK Bail Bonds, which is located only blocks from Miami TGK Jail. Miami Bail Bonds can also be posted by TGK Bail Bondsman which are standing by ready to post your Bail Bonds. Magic City Bail Bonds and Miami Dade County Bail Bonds are open 24 Hours a day, seven days a week to serve you in your time of need. Call Miami the Magic City Bail Bail Bonds at 305-532-2245 Now. Magic City Bail Bonds is located at 1420 NW 14 Ave, Miami, Florida 33125. Our Miami Bail Bonds office ia open 24 Hours a day for Miami or TGK Bail Bonds. Our TGK Bail Bond office is located at 5390 NW 72 Vae, Miami, FL 33166


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